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Nirmala Wedding Company

Breaking from the monotony of having a conventional wedding, Nirmala Wedding Company specializes in wedding photography and videography. event in your life that ought to be truly glorious is your Wedding. Nirmala Wedding Company turns your day of love into an unforgettable event and a day you will cherish for the rest of your life.

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Wedding Photography

Let’s chase our dreams together

Wedding Videography   

We capture the essence of your life

Candid Cinematography

With a professional touch of cinematography, we capture the real emotions and moments in a candid way.

Wedding Animation

Animation is life moving on screen. Nirmala Wedding Company introduces Wedding Animation first in South India.

Wedding #Tagwall

We are adding Wedding tag−wall to our dish which has been firstly introduced to Pathanamthitta. The selfie you take that day will be shown online on the screen at the venue itself.

All-in-One Website

Nirmala Wedding Company begins before you event website that has been firstly introduced to South India. Explore the pages of your life in a single website.

Instant Printing

Instant Printing is the spot printing of your wedding photos. We transform your moments into photographs within few minutes.

Wedding Caricature

We add colourful moments in your life instead of pre−wedding shoot and make your day entirely different from the conventional mode of weddings.

Live Streaming

Whatever the moments are, wherever you are in this earth, let’s explore the moments of dear ones at the tip of your finger.

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